Lecturer Adem DÖNMEZ
Graphic Designer and Illustrator
Family name: Dönmez
First names: Adem
Date of birth: 03.02.1976
Nationality: TR
Civil status: Married Education: Anadolu University Fine Arts Faculty graphic department (Universty-Master Degre)1997

Language: Turkish 2. English
Master Subject: development and evaluation in Turkey illustration of the artists who contribute to this area
Work Experience
1992 year: Gold Tile Ceramic factory Trainee Student, Marmara Tile tile designer.
1997-98 Year: Graphic Design Technical Personnel in Kütahya Porcelain Serigraphy Department
2006 Year: 4 months in Faculty of Fine Arts, Anqing University.
1998-2019 Year: Dumlupınar University Lecturer (Currently continuing)

Capabilities Graphic design programs: (1994-2019) Adobe photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Freehand, Corel Draw. Wacom intise and wacom Cintig drawing tablet

Special Ability: Photoshop and Vector Illustration, Theme Park Designs and Map Illustrations, Tourist Maps, Cartoon Map, Mascot Character Designs, Comic Book Illustration, Children’s Book Illustrations, Occupational Health Safety Information Illustrations, Photorealistic Product Illustrations, Technical Drawings for User Guides, Retouch Photo and elenktron microscope images. 3d Printer CNC and UV print and vector illustrations for digital and printin
Graphic Department courses between 2003 and 2013: Desktop Publishing, Corporate Identity Design, Typography, Illustration, Experimental illustration, Publication Chart, Graphic Production Techniques
Animation Department courses: Illustration, Comic Book, Creation
Painting Department courses: Illustration, Experimental Illustration
Works carried out by:
Turkey between 1998 and 2019
Within the scope of corporate identity design works of Dumlupınar University; University emblem, faculty and department emblems, 20 years and 25th year anniversary logos, national and international symposium, conferences and panels, posters, invitations, brochures, symposium book covers, periodicals journals, annual calendar and various textbooks graphic designs, University Photo shoot, University web page interface graphic design national website competition www.dpu.edu.tr web site Golden Spider won the 1st place award. Annual University Presentation catalogs, Diploma and diploma attachment designs, Gold Key of your future souvenir design, all corporate signage design of the University, and more than 5,000 graphic design products in 21 years of duty such as campus illustration have been prepared, and graphic designs have been prepared and printed. DPU licensed T-shirt, Glass Phone case and so on. product designs
Specific experience in the region:
1998-2019 Turkey İzmit Kordsa Global Occupational Health Safety Illustrations Character Designs.
China 2006 -1 April- 24 July Anqing Teachers College
Turkey 2006 Kütahya Municipality Cartoon Map
Turkey 2007 Gediz Municipality Cartoon Map
Turkey 2007 Supper Cup Cookies packaing design nad reaalistik food illustrations.
Turkey 2008 Dumlupınar University Cartoon Map
Turkey 2009 Ağva Cartoon map
Turkey 2010 Istanbul-Şile Cartoon map
Turkey 2011 Antalya Municipality cartoon map
Turkey 2012 Olive farm Datca Cartoon Map
Turkey 2013 Kütahya Municipality Aesop Theme Park design and caharcters design
Turkey 2014 Dumlupınar University cartoon map
Turkey 2015 Kütahya Prighian Culture Way trekking Cartoon map
Turkey 2016 Amasya Municipality Cartoon Map
Turkey 2017 Bursa Municipality Cartoon Map
Turkey 2017 Kütahya Rehabilitation Hospital Logo Design
Turkey 2017 Alanya Castle cable car trip Tourist map
Turkey 2017 HONDA Türkiye Occupational Health Safety Illustrations Character Design and posters.
Turkey 2018 SEM Electron Microscopy images dijital media coloring.
Turkey 2018 Van Edremit tourist map
Turkey 2018 İstanbul Viaport project VIASEA themepark tourist map

Adem Dönmez Illustration Technopark Graphic Design Limited Company
Owner Illustration and Graphic Design

He is married and has 1 child.
Contact information: Job Address:
Kütahya Dumlupınar University Advanced Technologies Center (İLTEM) Evliya Celebi Campus Tavşanlı Road 10 km KÜTAHYA